Sponsor A Tree

Sponsor a Tree is all about celebration: the celebration of a life well lived, of a person who is important to us, or simply the celebration of our wonderful, precious environment. Join us in commemorating our members and loved ones by purchasing a native Irish tree, while helping to improve the biodiversity of Bray Head and our Golf Club.

The available trees, shown below, will be planted in managed, off-course areas, with a plaque erected to commemorate the recipient. The trees are available in 2 different price bands. €100 for medium size trees and €130 for large trees.

How to Order
Fill in your name and details on the Order Form. Select the tree you want planted and submit your form to [email protected] or call Anne at 0868571692 or Siobhán at 0868078432 to advise on planting schedule, organise payment and to answer any questions you may have.