Safety is a primary concern for Bray Golf Club.

A good start would be familiarisation with our Safety Statement.

A Safety Committee regularly reviews our performance and informs our Management Committee of issues to be resolved.
While this is very useful, a safe Bray Golf Club will only be achieved when all members, staff and visitors behave in a manner which is safe for all. We therefore ask that all involved in Bray Golf Club put safety first all the time.


The Club has 2 Defibrillators. One is located in the Golfer's Downstairs Lobby and the other is located in the Green Keepers Shed.
These are life saving pieces of equipment and can be used by almost anyone.
For an informative insight in how to use one, please click on the link below
How to use a defibrillator

Course Closure

Ocasionally, the course needs to be closed for safety reasons when play is in progress.
There is sometimes confusion what to do when the siren sounds.
Click below to see the procedure document.


We have an <incident report form> which facilitates comprehensive reporting of all accidents. This will be completed by a staff member or club officer as quickly as possible after an incident. Your co-operation on this in the event of an accident will be appreciated.
Identification of “near misses” is a great help in removing danger from the club. If you observe a near miss or dangerous situation please complete <Near miss report> and present it to the Office.
Mobile equipment is regarded as a primary risk in all work environments. In Golf Clubs, buggies are a major risk if not used properly. To help everybody understand and avoid these risks a <Rules for use of buggies>  has been prepared. Please familiarise yourself with these rules and comply with them when using buggies on the course.