122nd Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 4th December 2019
Notice is hereby given that the 122nd Annual general Meeting of Bray Golf Club will be held in the Clubhouse on Wednesday 4th December 2019 at 8:00pm in order to transact the following business:
  1. Minutes of the 121st AGM held on 5th December 2018
    1. Matters arising from the minutes
  1. Reports
    1. Management Committee Report
    2. Head of Operations Report
    3. Course Report
    4. Members’ Surveys
  1. Finance Report
    1. Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet for year ended 30th September 2019
    2. Budget for 2019/2020
    3. Capex Budget 2019/2020
  1. Motions proposed by Management Committee for changes to the Rules of the Club
    1. Motion 1 – Removal of Rule 7.3 which will re-instate the responsibilities of the General Manager.
    2. Motion 2 – Amendment to Rule 13.16 removes the restriction on Country Members to have been a member of the club for at least 10 years
    3. Motion 3 – Amendment to Rule 13.21 which tightens up the wording of the rule with no material changes
    4. Motion 4 – Amendment to Rule 13.5 Lifestyle Members which will close Lifestyle Membership and terminate the category September 30, 2021.
    5. Motion 5 – Amendment to Rule 13.6 which would make the category open to any person within the defined age restrictions and increase the maximum number of members in this category from 30 to 40. 
    6. Motion 6 – Amendment to Rule 17: Election to membership which would allow the Membership Committee to negotiate membership fees within a defined range with groups of at least five (5) members.
    7. Motion 7 – Amendment to Rule 18.3.2 which ensures the Junior/Youth discount is applicable for children and grandchildren of golf playing members of the club. 
  1. Announcement of names of Officers and Members of the Management Committee for 2019/2020.
  1. Election of Honorary Members for the year 2019/2020
    1. Mr. David Brabazon, Mr. Keith Nolan, Mr. Eddie O’Dwyer, Mr. Paddy Murphy, Mr. Seamus Reynolds, Ms. Katie Taylor
    2. The Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer of the Golfing Union of Ireland
    3. The Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer of Leinster Golf
    4. The Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer of the Irish Ladies Golfing Union
    5.  The Chief Superintendent of the Wicklow Garda Division
    6. The Garda Superintendent of Bray Garda Division 
  1. Appointment of Auditors
  1. AOB

Merger of CGI, GUI, ILGU and PGA

Discussions on the merger of the ILGU and GUI have reached a Proposal. A Guide to the merger will give you a good understanding of the issues involved. A frequently asked questions pack is also available.

This is an important development for golf in Ireland. If you have any comments or queries, please contact the President or Harry McAlinden, who is a Leinster Branch Committee member, via the club office.


2018 Members Survey

 The results of our 2018 survey of members have been prepared. Thanks to everybody who participated. The results are very useful to club management who will brief members of progress on actions items, coming from the survey, at the club's AGM 

Bray Golf Club twinned with clubs in Scotland

The Club are delighted to announce that we have agreed reciprocal agreements with two fantastic Scottish Golf Clubs. We hope that this agreement will flourish into great golfing friendships throughout the years ahead. The two clubs are:

Ratho Park Golf Club:
Peebles Golf Club:
The following Terms of Reference shall apply to this Agreement:
  1. The intent of this agreement is to permit Club Members in good standing to have full playing and clubhouse privileges at the reciprocal club, subject to the respective host clubs local rules, bye-laws, regulations policies and this agreement.
  1. Reciprocal Members will pay green fees at the Members guest rate.
  1. Reciprocal Members are not required to play with or be accompanied by a Member of the host Club.
  1. No signing privileges are allowed.  Reciprocal Members are to pay for all purchases by cash or credit card.
  1. Tee times must be reserved by contacting the host club in advance.  Proof of Membership (Membership card) plus a letter of introduction from the Secretary/General Manager must be produced on arrival. 
  1. A Reciprocal Member shall be entitled to play up to twelve (12) rounds of golf per calendar year at the host club.
  1. Reciprocal Members are not permitted to introduce guests.
  1. Either Club may cancel this Agreement by providing 60 days written notice.