Men’s Teams’ Director 
January 2018

Preparation for the 2018 season began on 19th September 2017 when I called a meeting of managers who were in place for the 2017 season. At that meeting we discussed the season past and gathered some ideas that would be useful in future years. Our professional was in attendance. A summary of what was communicated is as follows:

*More foursomes competitions need to be held over the winter and early spring
*More commitment is needed from some players who put themselves forward for teams
*Teams need to practise together earlier in the season
*Game management/course management is an issue for a lot of players
*The importance of the short-game when playing matches
*In foursomes, putting is key
*Having players who can grind out a result
*Having a blend of youth and experience
*Players who can hit the ball straight consistently
*A lot of teams seemed to fade over final 9 holes in qualifying
*The importance of good nutrition on the course
*The need for players to play away from Bray more
The need for players to practise their weaknesses
*Understand the rules of golf
*Have the best players playing
*Get players to understand that they MUST keep going and not throw in the towel EVER

At this meeting the idea of having some lighting around the practice putting area was raised to enable Dara to coach the short-game during the winter/spring.
I asked who would be willing to manage in 2018 and 50% declared their willingness.
I announced that I wanted all panels in place by mid-December and that I would put up sheets on 1st November for members to declare their interest and that these would remain on the board for 4 weeks.

I undertook to procure managers for all the teams and we set our next meeting for 24th October.

By the meeting on 24th October all managers were in place:
Senior Teams: Paddy O’Sullivan, Joe McDonald, Brendan Fitzpatrick
Junior Cup: Iain Collins, Michael Collins
Fitzgibbon Cup/Barton Cup: Philip Salter, Jim Dowling
Metropolitan Trophy: Tom Mulhall, Gibby White
Jimmy Bruen Shield: John Curran, Eamon Purcell
Pierce Purcell Shield: Brian Donnelly, Jimmy Lawless
All-Ireland Fourball: Niall Larrigan, David Whelan
J.B.Carr Trophy: Tony Kinch, Arun Kumar
Powerscourt Cup: Billy Freeland, John Coffey
All-Ireland Mixed Foursomes: Harry & Rita McAlinden
Cullen Cup Mixed Foursomes: John Scollard, Beryl Dunne
It should be noted how willing people were to manage when I asked.
At the meeting we discussed optimum size of panels, how we should select panels, the idea of short-game coaching, general fitness of players. Managers agreed that coaching should be an integral part of being on a team/panel.
It was decided to meet again in December.

Our December meeting was on 5th.
I asked that panels be formed by 19th December.
We discussed things like goal setting for teams, how to communicate with your panel, a teams section on our website, winter/spring practice, short-game coaching.
I read out a list of ideas that have been gathered from our discussions and it is intended to compile a Team Managers’ Document so that everyone is singing from the same sheet.

In conclusion, preparation is vital and the earlier the better. We want players going out to represent our club confident that their golf-game is in good shape. Otherwise we are wasting our club’s money and our managers’ time. I cannot speak highly enough about the enthusiasm of the managers.
As I write this report, there are currently 101 males and 15 females who will be undertaking short-game coaching as part of the preparation for participation in teams. I’m awaiting two other panels to be submitted.
It is hoped to commence coaching at the end of January under lights on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and perhaps on Saturdays during daytime hours. The temporary floodlights are being provided, free of charge, by our esteemed member Brian Donnelly of Swan Plant Hire. This is a most generous contribution on Brian’s part.

At Men’s Committee Meeting at the end of November, I put forward the idea of Pilates classes for men during January & February. The committee encouraged me to proceed. There was a huge amount of interest and there are 3 groups of 12 commencing on 17th January. This is a strong indicator that our male members have an interest in their physical and mental health.

Philip Salter, Men’s Teams’ Director.