Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,
Some good news for our ladies, especially those ladies who play in our mixed competitions, 2 and 4-person events. HandicapMaster have now given us the ability to set up the majority of these any combination person events where the ladies can now play off their own par and use their own indices.
Ladies will now play the 5th hole as a par 5 and all the holes played will be off their own indices, and depending on what course is played they will get 1 extra shot now. This will be reflected on the sticker on the card as always.
A special thanks to Beryl Dunne who put a lot of time in to getting this update done with HandicapMaster.
Also with the Winter League kicking off this week don’t forget to enter, only €5 and gives a little extra competitiveness to your golf for the next couple of months, and the chance to pick up extra prizes. There is a sheet in the pro shop for either men or ladies and the ladies have one in their locker room too (for the ladies only lads!) where you can enter your name before playing this weekend, Dara or Alec will take your payment also.
The men have had many card checkers over the past few years and every year we try to add a few extra to give a hand and share the load. This year we have had a number of long standing card checkers indicate they will be taking a break which no one can deny them as they have diligently carried out this crucial duty for many years so we are asking all other members to consider doing some card checking once a month.
You will be paired with another card checker who knows what is required and will help train you in.
We are delighted to say that our number one Giuseppe “executioner” Galvin is still remaining on disqualification duty, sorry typo, card checking duty and must be our longest serving member at this role.
If you wish to follow in Giuseppe’s footsteps just let anyone on men’s committee know and they will get you started.
Don’t forget all our social functions coming up too, see dates below and the Joker is back in full swing every Sunday with the draw taking place at 6pm so don’t miss the chance to pick up some badly needed cash.
Quiz night Friday 2nd February
Ecumenical Service 4th February at 5.30pm.
Rat Pack night Saturday 17th February
Captains drive in Sunday 1st April.
Theatre nights Thurs/Fri 8 & 9th March
Men’s & ladies Committee’s

The Club are delighted to announce that we have agreed reciprocal agreements with two fantastic Scottish Golf Clubs. We hope that this agreement will flourish into great golfing friendships throughout the years ahead. The two clubs are:

Ratho Park Golf Club:
Peebles Golf Club:
The following Terms of Reference shall apply to this Agreement:
  1. The intent of this agreement is to permit Club Members in good standing to have full playing and clubhouse privileges at the reciprocal club, subject to the respective host clubs local rules, bye-laws, regulations policies and this agreement.
  1. Reciprocal Members will pay green fees at the Members guest rate.
  1. Reciprocal Members are not required to play with or be accompanied by a Member of the host Club.
  1. No signing privileges are allowed.  Reciprocal Members are to pay for all purchases by cash or credit card.
  1. Tee times must be reserved by contacting the host club in advance.  Proof of Membership (Membership card) plus a letter of introduction from the Secretary/General Manager must be produced on arrival. 
  1. A Reciprocal Member shall be entitled to play up to twelve (12) rounds of golf per calendar year at the host club.
  1. Reciprocal Members are not permitted to introduce guests.
  1. Either Club may cancel this Agreement by providing 60 days written notice.